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Susannah Shannon Publication Catalogue:

Most Recent Release

Given to the Highlander - Cowritten with Amelia Smarts

Though Marisol Adams grew up aboard the space station which has served as humanity’s refuge since the great cataclysm, the time has come for people to reinhabit the Earth. But her new life in the Scottish Highlands will be quite different than the one to which she has been accustomed…

Get Given to the Highlander for $3.95 (or for free with Kindle Unlimited) at Amazon here.

Series - Love & Other Magic

The Sorcerer’s Willful Bride

I was supposed to be editing my thesis, not suddenly married to someone I have never met… Someone named Nox - which is as pretentious as it gets, even for the Realm. I had never intended to return to live in the world I left when I wanted to go to Harvard.
When faced with a spell gone catastrophically wrong, I would have agreed to anything to protect my family. I swore to the judge that I understood the promises that my cousin had made. and would honor them. Note to self- cousin Lucinda is a lot freakier than she looks!
I didn't understand that Nox would expect to be in charge. As in-totally in charge. Clearly, prognostication is not one of my gifts, because I never could have foreseen how much pleasure this sassy witch would get from yielding to my demanding and hot husband… All of this has got me wondering about a few things: Does everything happen for a reason? Can a girl have everything? Is a dominant with magical powers the devil or a girl's best friend?
“The Sorcerer’s Willful” is a magical romantic comedy with an HEA.

Get The Sorcerer's Willful Bride for $0.99 (or for free with Kindle Unlimited) at Amazon here.

The Sorcerer’s Willful Wife

He will make me his perfect little sorceress wife…
Who knew an accidental arranged marriage could lead to a whole new way of being in love? I had it all planned. I’d finish my PhD and accept a double life as a professor at Harvard who heads home to the magical realm for weekends. One spell gone kablooey later and I am not only the wife of an old fashioned sorcerer, he demands my absolute submission. Now we need to rescue his long lost relatives, explore the limits of my submission, oh and plan a nuptial ball with a literal demon as our wedding planner…
The Sorcerer’s Willful Wife is a hot, funny paranormal romance about a feisty witch and the sorcerer who takes her in hand.


Get The Sorcerer's Willful Wife for $3.99 (or for free with Kindle Unlimited) at Amazon here.

The Sorcerer’s Willful Witch

Do. NOT. Dance with the Devil.
Dru has left the world of magic behind to pursue her PhD among churls-non-magical humans. The irony of a sorceress becoming an expert on the Salem Witch Trials is not lost on her. Aunt Ermagard should really not try casting spells when she is nervous. One misspoken word and the independent, modern Drucilla is bound forever to the old fashioned, arrogant Nox, Erl of Pendlecroft. The tribunal takes the misuse of magic(and marriage) very seriously, so Dru and Nox are faced with either honoring their marriage vows, or ruining the lives of their families.
"You understand what your cousin had committed to?" he asked.
"I do, "she insisted.
Note to Dru: cousin Lucinda is a lot freakier than she looks... Nothing has prepared for Dru for the experience of being married to a dominant who expects her to submit in all things.
Fans of Sharon Karaa and Cherise Sinclair have found a new funny, hot author to enjoy.

Get The Sorcerer's Willful Witch for $3.99 (or for free with Kindle Unlimited) at Amazon here.

The Sorcerer’s Willful Halloween (Novella)

A stern sorcerer, a sassy witch and a romantic adventure.

Series - The Norse Warriors

Her Gilded Dragon

When Princess Hannelore is forced to flee from her kingdom, she begins a long, arduous journey that eventually brings her to frozen lands far to the north. It is there that she is to marry Jonis, the warrior in charge of the defense of the famed Pinnacle Keep.

Though she is intimidated by the reputation of her husband-to-be, Hanne soon finds herself put at ease by his good humor. But will she be ready to do what is expected of her as the Dame of Pinnacle Keep, and when the castle is attacked will her new husband be able to protect her?

Get Her Gilded Dragon for $4.95 (or for free with Kindle Unlimited) at Amazon here.

Her Gilded Tiger

She will become his submissive and his wife...
- A marriage arranged to seal a treaty
-An innocent bride with deep, unspoken desires
- A powerful warrior who holds tight to the ancient laws of honor
In a world alive with magic, Georg reigns supreme. He is a prince by blood and a general by skill and commitment. Alina is the unloved half-sister of a petulant, selfish emperor. Her hard early years have molded her into a woman of great self-control, but more than anything she wants to be overwhelmed by a powerful man who loves her. Can Georg earn her submission?

Get Her Gilded Dragon for $4.99 (or for free with Kindle Unlimited) at Amazon here.

Her Gilded Firebird

When a warrior blacksmith takes a headstrong bride sparks fly!
Elin is used to getting her own way. She’s learned to tell people what they want to hear and carry on with what she wants to do. Gunnar knows the way to deal with his wayward wife. The instant she disobeys, he puts her over his knee, bares her bottom and spanks her until she is tearful and repentant.
It will take all of their combined courage, strength and love to meet their destiny and confront the icy evil that wants to claim all of their world.
Return to the magical world of the Snowforce, where the men are dominant, the women are smart and your scars tell the world who you are. Set in a realm replete with magical creatures, noble, shifter warriors and true love, it's a transporting, steamy read. 

“A marvelous world full of magic and intrigue”-Amazon reviewer
“The perfect read on a snowy day-their passion will keep you warm!" -Amazon reviewer
“After reading this book I loved it so much that I went back and read the first two. You do not have to read them in order. The storyline is great. I found a new favorite author.” -Amazon reviewer
Her Gilded Firebird is a part of the Norse Warriors series but is a standalone book. It offers rich world-building, a strong-willed heroine and thorough bare bottomed spankings, if any of those things offend, try a different book.

Get Her Gilded Firebird for $4.99 (or for free with Kindle Unlimited) at Amazon here.

Series - The Cass Chronicles


Cass Harper has given up on her romantic ideal. She has secretly longed for a man who enjoys her company, respects her intellect, thinks she is beautiful, and is prepared to spank her bottom scarlet when he thinks she needs it. All that has gotten her is heartbreak.

When learning of her ex-fiancé’s plans to use her money to take his new love to Paris, Cass has had enough. An invitation from an online fan has her deciding that it is about time to pull her big- girl panties up and step outside her comfort zone. Stunning photos of the Alaskan wilderness promise her an adventure; the prospect of meeting the considerate and strong Killian Nelson, owner of Slick Trench Outfitters, offers her far more.

All Cass needs to do is overcome a few obstacles… such as reclaiming her livelihood from her carbophobic ex-fiancé who has hijacked her food blog, convince herself that Killian’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend isn’t competition, find a missing elderly friend—and, as if that’s not enough, she also needs to stay away from the bears and wolves that call Alaska home.

Only after Cass begins to recognize her own worth is she able to build the life she has dreamed of. Oh, but remember those big-girl panties she’s pulled up? What will her reaction be when she learns that naughty girls find their panties pulled down when going over an Alaskan’s lap?

Roasted is a witty, sexy story of self-discovery. It features excerpts from the fictional CassCooks by Cass Harper and some non-fictional recipes that you are going to want to try.

Get Roasted for free at Amazon here.


Cass Nelson has gotten used to blizzards, wolves, and being an outsider in Slicktrench, Alaska. While she couldn’t be happier in her marriage to Killian, the unexpected arrival of a surprising package is a potent reminder that her marriage isn’t like the relationships her girlfriends have. She might not understand this whole submissive wife business, but she does understand that she can’t imagine living a life without the strong man she adores, even if (or is it because?) he lights up her bottom on a regular basis.


Busy with helping to run the lodge and posting on her very popular blog, her life tips upside down when she has to deal with her brother-in-law, who is marrying a woman nobody likes, and an IRS auditor who’s nosing around the lodge. Just when Cass has decided that the best way to ensure a happy marriage is to surrender her own dreams, she is offered her own TV show. Her decision to not share this information with her husband will cause all sorts of reverberations.


Will wedding bells ring, and is that howling coming from the wolves outside or the woman inside when her husband discovers that his precious wife is holding back her own secrets?

Get Relish for $0.99 at Amazon here.


If you can’t stand the heat…

Cass and her beloved Killian are in Chicago filming her new cooking show. Being the star of her own TV show does not keep Cass Harper-Nelson from being herself, which means she flies by the seat of her (often rather toasty) pants. Her wit and down-to-earth manner has her making new friends and embracing a former enemy when she goes head to head with an adversary from her past.


How does a conflicted, feisty submissive embrace all that life has to offer while dueling with Men’s Rights Activists? Trust her loving husband to make sure the beloved cook learns what happens when you jump out of the frying pan into the fire.


Friends from Slick Trench, Alaska, visit, and a new venture is embraced. Rendered features all the love, heat, belly laughs and scrumptious recipes that are a feature of the Cass series.


DISCLAIMER: This book contains the discipline of adult women and sexual scenes. If these offend you, please do not purchase.

Get Rendered for $2.99 at Amazon here.


After six months in Chicago filming her TV show, Cass is delighted to be returning to Alaska. But the move home raises a number of questions.

How is it possible that she loves Killian more with every passing day? Why is he so determined to take a wooden spoon on their flight? What do the people of Slick Trench think about Hazel’s ambition to bring more business to their small town? Why does Killian seem to be determined to keep the lodge just the way it has always been? Even if they do go ahead, can they get the construction project done in time to begin filming at the lodge? What is the perfect way to roast a turkey? Is ginger good for anything other than pumpkin pie?

The true love, small town characters, laugh out loud humor, scorching sex, and Cass’s even more scorched bottom are what make this instalment of the Cass Chronicles series so deliciously Rare.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the discipline of adult women and elements of power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Get Rare for $2.99 at Amazon here.

Red Velvet

Christmas in Alaska is magical. Catering a difficult wedding, missing her parents and friends, and a certain Lexan paddle are all making it hard for Cass to embrace the magic of the season. Will Cass be able to find the perfect Christmas present for Killian? Will she ever feel like she belongs in Slick Trench?
With her typical self-deprecating aplomb, snark, and sexiness, Cass discovers that “It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year.” And a certain paddle means that it will certainly not be a “Silent Night”. Features recipes so good you can get a bit rounder just reading them and the spanking of adult women, as well as all kinds of red hot shenanigans.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains discipline, sexual scenes, and elements of power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Get Red Velvet for $2.99 at Amazon here.

Raspberry Mousse

Cass has settled into an easy rhythm with the love of her life, Killian Nelson. The food blogger/TV presenter has tried to adjust to ravenous bears, amorous moose, and a mother-in-law who is determined to become a grandmother.
 Killian knows exactly what is needed to keep Cass fulfilled and on track. The generous use of passion, laughter, and a certain Lexan paddle ensure that their marriage is a constant adventure.

Disclaimer: This book contains elements of power exchange and old-fashioned discipline. If this offends you, please do not purchase.

Get Raspberry Mousse for $3.99 at Amazon here.

Other Books

A Handful of Stars

How can two people who love each other as much as Jessica and Adam do find themselves in a bitter rut? An incident at work begins to change Jessica’s views towards discipline. Is it possible that being held accountable can build up a person? Jessica is intrigued that she might have found the solution she’s been searching for.

When looking for guidance about delivering a reasonable paddling she stumbles across a professional dominatrix and a chatroom of opinionated spankophiles. Can Ms. Margaret’s advice lead to a scorched bottom and a sweeter romance?

How will Adam balance his new found authority in his marriage with his role as a prosecutor of men who assault their wives? Together, their journey of discovery leads to a more profound commitment, and lovemaking that leaves Jessica breathless.

Disclaimer: This book contains spanking of adult women. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

Get A Handful of Stars for $2.99 at Amazon here.


Liza Cox has created a life for herself where she doesn’t have to risk being hurt. After surviving being abandoned by her father, and the death of her mother, she is determined to be independent. Her career is flourishing; she is the leading restorer of Early American art. She finds herself lingering in a chatroom of a spanking social site. Liza is afraid to surrender and yet yearns to do so.

A rare sheepdog, gifted by the father she barely knew, is the first of many cracks in her perfect life. A mystery surrounding a famous painting intrigues her, and how does she decide which of the men she has met on the site to meet in real life?

This romantic comedy explores the worlds of high tech art restoration, as well as the role social networking can play when a smart woman longs to have her bottom scorched by a man who demands the best of her.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains over the knee discipline of adult women and adult themes. If this offends you, please do not purchase.

Get Guarded for $2.99 at Amazon here.


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